5 Essential Oil Benefits

Essential oils have gone viral for one specific reason – it’s able to treat the most common ailments we face on the daily basis. Its power is not a secret, it has been used centuries ago as a natural treatment. If you haven’t started exploring essential oils yet, let me help you with 5 Essential Oil Benefits!

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils have been in the business for thousands of years in numerous nations for therapeutic and health purposes.  You’re able to use them from aromatherapy to cleaning products, personal beauty regimen and an alternative for over-the-counter medicines as they can be used for natural medicine treatment.

5 Essential Oil Benefits

The components found in these oils can be found by distilling or extracting various portions of plants. This may include its flowers, leaves, bark, and roots.

In prehistoric times, before innovation took place, Jews and Egyptians are able to make these essential oils by drenching their chosen plants with oil and then purifying the oil via the use of a linen sack.

From that alone, you can tell how important essential oils are, and how it’s been able to help our ancestors deal with common viruses.

If they were able to survive by using essential oils back in the day, why do we have to use synthetic antibiotic pills to treat our ailments?

If you’re looking for a quick, natural fix for your discomfort, you might want to check out what the power of essential oils are able to do – it’s cheap, easy, and the smell is fantastic!

What Are The 5 Essential Oil Benefits?

There are a lot of benefits in using essential oils – trust me the list could go on. But I’m going to choose my Top 5 favorite essential oil benefits.

  • It can be used for cleaning your home

You’re able to turn your essential oil to an all-purpose cleaner. Lemon oil and Tea tree oil should do the trick, all you need is 3 drops of these oils to a few ounces of water. After doing so, you’re now free to clean your house away with your natural disinfectant.

  • It’s excellent for relaxation

Personally, I love to use it for treating my insomnia for nights where I can’t sleep. It also reduces stress-levels and relieves tension and anxiety. For a good night’s rest, all you have to add is sprinkle a bit of lavender essential oil onto your pillow.

  • Improves Skin and Beauty

Do you want a natural-smelling fragrant for your shampoo? Just grab lavender, rosemary and you’re good to do. Don’t forget to add in a coconut milk and aloe vera gel.

You’re also able to use it as a teeth-whitener, for reducing wrinkles, and a whole lot more!

  • It’s a Natural Remedy

Headaches, Heal burns, improving digestion – these are only samples of what the right essential oil is able to treat. For the most popular use – migraines – all you have to do is combine lavender and peppermint and start massaging your temples.

  • It’s a Spa Treatment

Are you a fan of sauna therapy? Well, all you need is to add 2 drops of your favorite essential oil, and you’re good to go! Just make sure it’s blended into two cups of sauna.

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