The Difference Between Paddle Boards and Surfboards

paddleboard vs surfboard

Possibly the most perceived difference between a surfboard along with a stand up Paddleboard will be the paddle use for Stand Up Boarding. In a surfboard, you have to be on a belly position before you can stand on the board. While for stand up paddle boarding you’ll need to be on your knees before you could stand on it. Through the paddle also it’s much easier to change and control your directions. In comparison with surfboards that it literally needs some level of waves so you could do it.

In addition to that, there’s also a difference in regard to shapes. According to Simply Paddleboards, a website about paddle boarding, surfboards are intentionally created to be narrower and shorter for doing quick movements. On the flip side, Paddle Boards are created to be longer and wider, for the person to have a comfortable position while paddling. Additionally, Paddle boards can even carry two to three persons depending upon their weights. In relation to surfboards which happens to be only good for a single person.

For Paddleboards, its base is heavier because this supports the person to stand for a longer period of time. To the side of surfboards, its base is lighter and narrower because it’s not intended for stationary positions.

Another difference between the two boards apart from the way they are made will certainly be their transportation. Paddle boards are bulkier than surfboards. So, it needs extra space in a vehicle. For surfboards, you could just simply carry it with one of your hands until you reach your destination. If you happen to be strong enough you could also carry the paddle board. But, it is obvious that you could not carry it with the use of your one hand for a longer span of time.

In terms of regular prices, paddle boards are more expensive than surf boards. One reason about this is dues to its construction and purpose.

Buck 110 Folding Hunter Review

It’s been passed from generation to generation – yet it has never lost its style. It design has been preserved, and no one’s complaining. Everyone loves it. Do you want to own your very own Buck 110 and look and feel awesome?  This is a review of why it’s popular around the globe.

What Makes It So Special?

When something is over a hundred years old and is still being praised by the newer generations, there must be something special with it, right? The answer is yes.

Buck 110 Folding Hunter Review

There are a lot of state-of-the-art and advanced knives out there, one of which is Spyderco’s products, but the grandad of folding hunter knives holds dear to me.

The design hasn’t been touched since 1963, and people are still going bananas over its design. In all retrospect, it’s its timeless classic design that makes everyone love it so much.

Looking At Its Exterior

I love how it gives off class incomparable to any other knife in the market. Like what I’ve mentioned before, it’s unchanged for years – making its weight stay the same. It’s quite heavy, to be honest.

It weights around 7.2 ounces and has the length of 4.875 inches. But from what I’ve experienced, it might be heavier compared to other knives, but its hold feels great.

Buck 110’s handle gives you a comfortable grip, it’s been slight curved to give you a well-balanced, unique handle.

Checking Its Blade Materials

Unfortunately, it’s not made out of premium steel, but it’s still able to hold out an edge. It carries a 420HC steel for an easy sharpen and go.

You’ll notice that its blade somewhat has a crescent shape, this makes it the perfect knife for holding out detailed tasks and punching holes. Despite its capabilities, I try to avoid using it for any tedious jobs for preservation.

Buck 110 Folding’s Handle

This classic knife has its handles made out of an attractive Dymondwood and brass giving it a nice, genuine look. I like how they prioritized smoothing out the edges for a comfort.

Buck 110 also made history, it’s the first knife ever created that has lock-back system. Because of this, the unit is able to do stabilize its own when put against knives which are fixed.

Are You Able To Modify It?

Surprisingly, you can. There are now available variations for you to choose from.  You’re able to see them on their website for your chosen variation; however, it’s more expensive than the standard 20HC blade and brass bolsters.


  • Excellent Quality
  • Classic Design
  • Nice Hold
  • Buck Warranty


  • It doesn’t come with Pocket Clip
  • It’s too heavy for EDC
  • It lacks in Edge Retention


It might be as advances than the leading brands, but it still serves as a good knife. Not to mention, it’s still an extremely solid knife despite its design being unaltered for years.

This might not be the perfect unit for rigorous tasks, but owning one is definitely a must. Its design, vibe, look, and feel is already a homerun!

5 Essential Oil Benefits

Essential oils have gone viral for one specific reason – it’s able to treat the most common ailments we face on the daily basis. Its power is not a secret, it has been used centuries ago as a natural treatment. If you haven’t started exploring essential oils yet, let me help you with 5 Essential Oil Benefits!

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils have been in the business for thousands of years in numerous nations for therapeutic and health purposes.  You’re able to use them from aromatherapy to cleaning products, personal beauty regimen and an alternative for over-the-counter medicines as they can be used for natural medicine treatment.

5 Essential Oil Benefits

The components found in these oils can be found by distilling or extracting various portions of plants. This may include its flowers, leaves, bark, and roots.

In prehistoric times, before innovation took place, Jews and Egyptians are able to make these essential oils by drenching their chosen plants with oil and then purifying the oil via the use of a linen sack.

From that alone, you can tell how important essential oils are, and how it’s been able to help our ancestors deal with common viruses.

If they were able to survive by using essential oils back in the day, why do we have to use synthetic antibiotic pills to treat our ailments?

If you’re looking for a quick, natural fix for your discomfort, you might want to check out what the power of essential oils are able to do – it’s cheap, easy, and the smell is fantastic!

What Are The 5 Essential Oil Benefits?

There are a lot of benefits in using essential oils – trust me the list could go on. But I’m going to choose my Top 5 favorite essential oil benefits.

  • It can be used for cleaning your home

You’re able to turn your essential oil to an all-purpose cleaner. Lemon oil and Tea tree oil should do the trick, all you need is 3 drops of these oils to a few ounces of water. After doing so, you’re now free to clean your house away with your natural disinfectant.

  • It’s excellent for relaxation

Personally, I love to use it for treating my insomnia for nights where I can’t sleep. It also reduces stress-levels and relieves tension and anxiety. For a good night’s rest, all you have to add is sprinkle a bit of lavender essential oil onto your pillow.

  • Improves Skin and Beauty

Do you want a natural-smelling fragrant for your shampoo? Just grab lavender, rosemary and you’re good to do. Don’t forget to add in a coconut milk and aloe vera gel.

You’re also able to use it as a teeth-whitener, for reducing wrinkles, and a whole lot more!

  • It’s a Natural Remedy

Headaches, Heal burns, improving digestion – these are only samples of what the right essential oil is able to treat. For the most popular use – migraines – all you have to do is combine lavender and peppermint and start massaging your temples.

  • It’s a Spa Treatment

Are you a fan of sauna therapy? Well, all you need is to add 2 drops of your favorite essential oil, and you’re good to go! Just make sure it’s blended into two cups of sauna.

Add The Latest Trend Of Food And Health Photography In Your Life For Success

Who does not want to live a healthier and disease free life? A healthy and fit body helps a man to live a happier life with great enthusiasm and confidence. There are many people all around the world who are more concerned about their health and pay special attention towards their health. And for getting a healthier and strong body, a person must follow a complete balanced diet in a proper schedule in order to achieve it. Exercises and workout will trim your body into a better shape and this will also enhance the beauty of your body.

Today, food and health photography is one more thing which is attracting most of the people in the world. In this type of photography, photographs of healthy and tasty foods are taken, which helps in motivating the other people to live a healthier and better life. Apart from this, many people get themselves photographed along with different types of healthy and delicious food. For this type of photography, it requires an expert photographer who has enough skill to do their job along with the props.

Modeling in the field of the food and health photography is also one very emerging field. Apart from the normal modeling in which a person needs more charm and style on their looks, in this type of photography, a person needs to look delicate and keen, along with a fit and stronger body. In the field of fashion, modeling demands a muscular and toned shape body personality whereas, in the field of food and health photography, the priority is more natural look and healthy body.

How Can A Person Get Their Own Food And health Photography Done?

There are several professional photographers who are making their career in this field of photography. It has many opportunities and scope for the young photographers and models. Due to this, the number of photographers which are working in this field is increasing day by day. Hence today, it is very easy to hire any professional photographer who deals with such photographic sessions and can help you in making your own profile as a food and health icon amongst your friends and family members.

Besides this, there are many things which have to be considered before getting this job done for you. Nature, Gym, living rooms, outfields with grass and vegetation in them are some kind of stuff which are also essential for such type of photography apart from the healthy and fit body. As we all know, a photo is not perfect if all the things inside that photo are not relating to each other. Therefore, selecting these things surely depends upon the personality and body type of a person who is about to be photographed.

Benefits Of Food And Health Photography

We all need some inspiration for doing some work and getting an achievement in our life. And these types of different and unique things will make a person more confident about them. Beside this, watching your own photographers after a period of time will again motivate the person to attain that same stage of health in their life.