Buck 110 Folding Hunter Review

It’s been passed from generation to generation – yet it has never lost its style. It design has been preserved, and no one’s complaining. Everyone loves it. Do you want to own your very own Buck 110 and look and feel awesome?  This is a review of why it’s popular around the globe.

What Makes It So Special?

When something is over a hundred years old and is still being praised by the newer generations, there must be something special with it, right? The answer is yes.

Buck 110 Folding Hunter Review

There are a lot of state-of-the-art and advanced knives out there, one of which is Spyderco’s products, but the grandad of folding hunter knives holds dear to me.

The design hasn’t been touched since 1963, and people are still going bananas over its design. In all retrospect, it’s its timeless classic design that makes everyone love it so much.

Looking At Its Exterior

I love how it gives off class incomparable to any other knife in the market. Like what I’ve mentioned before, it’s unchanged for years – making its weight stay the same. It’s quite heavy, to be honest.

It weights around 7.2 ounces and has the length of 4.875 inches. But from what I’ve experienced, it might be heavier compared to other knives, but its hold feels great.

Buck 110’s handle gives you a comfortable grip, it’s been slight curved to give you a well-balanced, unique handle.

Checking Its Blade Materials

Unfortunately, it’s not made out of premium steel, but it’s still able to hold out an edge. It carries a 420HC steel for an easy sharpen and go.

You’ll notice that its blade somewhat has a crescent shape, this makes it the perfect knife for holding out detailed tasks and punching holes. Despite its capabilities, I try to avoid using it for any tedious jobs for preservation.

Buck 110 Folding’s Handle

This classic knife has its handles made out of an attractive Dymondwood and brass giving it a nice, genuine look. I like how they prioritized smoothing out the edges for a comfort.

Buck 110 also made history, it’s the first knife ever created that has lock-back system. Because of this, the unit is able to do stabilize its own when put against knives which are fixed.

Are You Able To Modify It?

Surprisingly, you can. There are now available variations for you to choose from.  You’re able to see them on their website for your chosen variation; however, it’s more expensive than the standard 20HC blade and brass bolsters.


  • Excellent Quality
  • Classic Design
  • Nice Hold
  • Buck Warranty


  • It doesn’t come with Pocket Clip
  • It’s too heavy for EDC
  • It lacks in Edge Retention


It might be as advances than the leading brands, but it still serves as a good knife. Not to mention, it’s still an extremely solid knife despite its design being unaltered for years.

This might not be the perfect unit for rigorous tasks, but owning one is definitely a must. Its design, vibe, look, and feel is already a homerun!

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